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The New Standard
in Horse Welfare

Critical technology developed to ensure and preserve the safety of the modern Thoroughbred racehorse

Introducing Technology Effectively Helping to Prevent Serious Injury and Catastrophic Breakdowns.

StrideSAFE uses sensors to analyze the gait of horses in-race to identify musculoskeletal injuries and/or abnormalities before they lead to a serious or catastrophic injury.

Sensors and Technology

A 3-ounce GPS and accelerometer based sensor is placed in a pocket of the saddle cloth prior to the race.  

Data Gathering

Data is generated in each of the three dimensions at 800 times per second.  Analysis is automated and reports can be available just minutes after the race.


Reports are designed to flag any individual horse which may be at increased risk of injury.

Ultimate Benefits

85% of catastrophic injury sites show pre-existing pathology.  This system catches these injuries in time to intervene.



When launched in 2011, this technology was the first raceday data system to capture detailed biometric data from horses during races.

"With racing under intense scrutiny, it is incumbent on the industry to make racing safer and this should include harnessing the power of cutting-edge technologies."

And we answered the call.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Years of Research




Times per Second Data is Received


Racetracks Have

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